It can be bad enough trying to force a hairbrush through dry, snagged hair at the best of times, but the problem can get even worse in the colder weather when curly hair tends to go flyaway after it encounters central heating.

However, using organic coconut oil to rehydrate your locks will help to tame wild curls and get them looking smooth and chic.

Is your hair prone to heat damage?

Writing in an article for the Guardian, Anita Bhagwandas explained that some types of hair are more prone to heat damage than others.

Celebrity hairdresser Paul Edmonds told her:

"We know the main causes of damaged hair are over using hot styling tools, over-brushing, sun damage and over highlighting. But different types of hair are more prone to damage than others. Afro hair, before it’s even processed, is more susceptible to damage because the hair shaft is a flat elliptical shape, which is responsible for the tight curls, meaning more opportunities for breakage.

"When you add relaxing or weaves into the equation, they can pull and damage hair if they’re done too tight or left in for too long. Make sure you go to the best person you can afford for this very reason"

People with Indian hair generally have the best hair type, the hairstylist went on, but the barnet can still be stripped of its moisture by bleaching, colouring or through over-use of henna.

However, he assured that a dry hair treatment in the form of a deep conditioner used several times a week can help restore your crowning glory to its glossy best.

The key is regularity, though, so individuals need to get into the mindset of looking after their locks whenever they reach for the shampoo.

"I wish I’d had this revelation sooner; now after a month of intense conditioning, mine is saying three Hail Mary’s. I honestly can’t blame it," added Ms Bhagwandas.

Posted by Laura Andrews