A health expert as highlighted the importance of healthy living amid the UK’s much-publicised obesity epidemic.

Dr Hillary Jones, a spokesman for the Time to Tackle Your Health Campaign, pointed out that average food portion sizes are getting bigger and appetites are lacking in restraint, which is causing people to develop a range of serious health problems.

People are also eating energy dense diets and consuming unhealthy fast food such as processed beef burgers and fries, which is exacerbating the problem, Dr Jones explained.

He urged people to keep their weight in check by consuming smaller portions, eating foods that contain fewer carbohydrates and less saturated fat, and exercising more.

"It really isn’t rocket science; this is possible," Dr Jones commented. "It just takes an element of motivation to start doing it for a month or so and then you are in the groove."

As well as improving their diets to include more healthy foods such as fresh foods and vegetables, consumers can also take nutritional supplements in order to boost their intake of essential vitamins that may be lacking from their day to day diet.

In addition to this, herbal supplements can be included into diets for their antioxidant properties, which are ideal for preventing diseases.

A recent survey conducted by Pulse Today found that a range of nutritional supplements are being rationed within the NHS, with many patients being denied access to them.

The survey, which questioned around 300 UK-based general practitioners, found that restrictions on GP referrals have become so stringent that the number of patients referred from GPs to hospitals in one area of the UK has dropped by 37 per cent in the first quarter of 2011 compared with the previous year.

Posted by Matilda Jones