Supermodel Miranda Kerr has spoken out about her love for Yoga products and how a strict fitness regime helped her stay in top shape after giving birth.

The 28-year-old, who is married to Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom, said a combination of Yoga, Pilates, strength training and light weights helped her lose weight and return to her optimum size after having her son Flynn.

"I choose activities that I enjoy, it helps if you actually look forward to whatever form of exercise works for you," she said.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Miranda explained that as well as maintaining a good fitness regime to keep her body in shape, she also makes sure that she eats a healthy and balanced diet.

"I love food and enjoy eating fresh organic fruit and vegetables but, having said that, life is about having fun and everything in moderation is best," she said.

Miranda explained that she follows the Dr Adamo Blood Type diet and eats small portions of pasture-raised meat, organic chicken and fish caught fresh from the ocean.

If she wants to indulge herself with a treat, she said she will typically opt for dark chocolate.

The model also said recently that she’s a big fan of coconut oil and won’t go a day without drizzling it on her salads or stirring it into tea.

The oil is known for its ability to reduce cholesterol levels, boost immunity, aid digestion and increase metabolism.

Miranda’s decision to live healthily is not only inspired by her desire to maintain her enviable figure, but also by her need to make nutritious breast milk for her son.

When it comes to skin care and beauty items, Miranda prefers to use organic beauty products in order to maintain an understated and stripped down look.

"I love the creativity aspect of hair and make-up when I am working but in my day-to-day life I prefer to look understated and as natural as possible," she said.

The working mother said she has tried and tested organic skin care products from all over the world in her quest to find the right product that is ideal for her particular skin type.

Posted by Freya Harper