Posted by Laura Andrews, Skin Care and Holistic Lifestyle Expert


Smooth complexion

Rosehip oil is one of the few natural beauty products model Olivia Inge trusts to keep her skin hydrated, according to InStyle. In an interview with the magazine, Olivia, who has been storming the catwalk since the mid-1990s, said she is always willing to try out new types of products, "but one that I always choose is a soothing, protective moisturiser with rosehip oil".


"My skin type is ’thirsty’ and this combination seems to sort it right out. I do a face mask once a week which leaves my skin as soft as a baby’s bottom. I also use a cleanser in the shower every morning. Good walks in the country and good company all help enormously for tip top skin," she explained.


Do your research

However, women should be aware that some much-hyped products may not bring the benefits they claim to have. "Do your research before aligning yourself to a product … There are many products out there that do not do what they proclaim, it drives me mad that these people prey on our insecurities all in the name of profit margins," Olivia added.


Meanwhile, FemaleFirst also recommends using rosehip oil this autumn to improve the complexion and get skin looking fresh and ready to face the elements. The website believes the oil is "one of the best ways to fight off any wear and tear" because of its moisturising, rejuvenating and repairing qualities. It can be used equally as effectively on young and mature skin, soothe chapped and cracked skin and even make a difference to scarred skin.


Rosehips contain fatty acids, which are essential for promoting healthy cells and building protective layers under the skin. They also boast bioflavonoids; powerful antioxidants that can defend skin against signs of ageing, the news source added.


Add rosehip oil to your skin regime

Fushi’s Rosehip Oil acts as a great moisturiser, with essential fatty acids including Omega 3 and Omega 6 combining to leave your skin soft and revitalised. Discover our top tips for choosing the best rosehip oil for guidance on the factors to take in to consideration when looking for a dry skin solution.