With more men than ever taking care of their health and their appearance, there is a growing market for male grooming products.

In particularly, performance grooming is becoming more popular, according to the online grooming editor at menshealth.co.uk.

Lee Kynaston said guys are increasingly investing in products that keep them looking "sharp, youthful and, crucially, competitive".

Indeed, he noted that in a tough jobs market, having the edge over colleagues in terms of outward appearance as well as skills and experience is crucial.

"Hence there's been a big rise in interest in anti-ageing products, fatigue fighting products, hair dyes and hair restorative products," Mr Kynaston remarked.

A survey commissioned by Just For Men hair colour revealed that almost 70 per cent of guys believe appearance has an impact on salary levels.

More than three-quarters also think looking younger gives men a competitive advantage in the jobs market.

Responding to the research, Dr Carole Kanchier, author of Dare to Change Your Job and Your Life, said: "When the job market is very competitive, having a well-groomed and youthful appearance is just as important as having a strong resume."

There are numerous organic health and beauty products that can help men care for their skin, hair and bodies without exposing themselves to harmful chemicals.

Fushi's stimulator herbal shampoo acts as a great hair loss treatment, as it contains herbs like rosemary, bay and cinnamon to boost circulation to the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Our mandarin essential oil is also ideal to tackle fatigue and lack of energy, keeping men on top of their game at work.

For guys concerned about the effects of ageing, organic argan oil is a must-have product. Packed with Vitamins A and E to ward off free radicals, it can help to protect the skin against fine lines and wrinkles.

Posted by Laura Andrews