Living a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever for pregnant women, and diet should be a major consideration.

But aside from eating a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, good fats and fresh fruit and vegetables, it's also important to consider how these foods have been processed.

Holistic nutritionist and television presenter Gillian McKeith said eating the right foods during pregnancy is not so different from eating the right foods at any other time of life.

However, she pointed out that because many toxins can cross into the placenta, women need to take extra care to avoid foods with artificial additives when they're expecting.

"Organic foods should be eaten wherever possible to reduce toxin intake," she remarked.

"In particular animal products such as meat, poultry, eggs and dairy product should be from organically reared and free range animals."

She suggested visiting farm shops and farmer's markets to pick up some quality organic produce, or to take advantage of box schemes delivered to the door.

If you're pregnant and on a quest for healthy living, you might want to consider going organic with your health and beauty products as well.

All our natural beauty products are free from harmful ingredients like parabens, sulphates and PEGs. They are also ethically accredited and free from animal testing.

Supplements may also be an important consideration in pregnancy and depending on your diet and what your doctor tells you, you may need to take pregnancy vitamins.

Folic acid is also essential for expectant women, as it can help to prevent certain birth defects which can cause conditions like spina bifida.

According to the NHS, a 400 microgram folic acid tablet should be taken every day both while you are trying to get pregnant and until you reach the 12-week stage.

Folic acid can be found naturally in foods such as brown rice and leafy green vegetables.

Posted by Sam Wallace