Wind, rain, the falling mercury and central heating: it’s no wonder our skin can look grey and dry in the winter if this is what it faces every day.

But by using natural beauty products to cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin twice a day, individuals could get their glow back.

Natural skincare expert Amanda McGillivray advises people to start preparing their skin now for the long winter months ahead by taking a few simple steps to boost hydration.

"The skin is prone to drying out and can become itchy due to the lack of humidity and central heating indoors, so try drinking more water and adding a bowl of water to a room to increase the humidity. Indoor plants are also an excellent way to increase humidity in a room," she says.

Use organic beauty products such as a non-abrasive exfoliant to slough away dead cells and enable the skin to absorb nutrients from your moisturiser, the expert suggests. "There are many natural exfoliants on the market and some also use naturally derived AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), which dissolve dead skin cells leaving the surface silky smooth."

Ms McGillivray also stressed the importance of a good quality moisturiser because the body produces fewer oils in the colder months, meaning we have to keep our skin protected by other means.

"Look out for organic moisturisers, as these tend to contain a higher proportion of herbal ingredients and do not contain mineral oil. Avoid using products containing mineral oils, as these are not well absorbed into the skin and will clog the pores. Instead, use an organic moisturiser containing oils such as jojoba and wheatgerm," she commented.

Stubborn dry patches can be tackled by using a hydrated masque on the worst bits followed by an organic moisturiser or serum.

Posted by Laura Andrews