Exfoliation is something most people do all year round, but come summer it’s time to step it up.

From dry skin to chapped feet, exfoliation is really important to get rid of dead skin cells, revealing the younger skin cells underneath and leaving you feeling revitalised and healthy.

As well as natural beauty products there are plenty of ingredients at home that make great exfoliators.

Used a few times a week you can hope to unclog pores, remove ingrown hairs all without resorting to using harsh chemicals.

Sea salt

Sea salt is one of the most powerful natural exfoliants and is inexpensive and easy to get a hold of. Mixed with a little warm water it can make a super simple facial scrub, brilliant for opening up the pores.


Exfoliants are usually fairly coarse, but oats offer a more gentle way to scrub away dead layers of skin.

You can ground it down to create a fine scrub or apply the whole oats to your face, mixed with a little natural yogurt and honey. It may sound like a meal - but when used to wash the face it helps remove old skin, while also healing and adding in a little moisture - leaving you feeling truly refreshed.

Coffee beans

These can be easily located and should be ground down into a paste with a tiny bit of water, perhaps with a spoonful of olive oil, honey, apple juice and yoghurt.

Ground coffee is an excellent natural exfoliant whether it is fresh or dried and even boasts antibacterial properties, leaving skin not only refreshed but beautifully clean.

Ground almonds

Almonds help exfoliate the top layer of coarse skin, as well as supplying natural oils to help supplement and nourish the skin.

They contain a high concentration of vitamin E and can soften the skin without leaving it feeling greasy.

To create the best natural exfoliator grind the almonds in a blend with a moist ingredient, allowing it to spread better on the body.

By using these natural exfoliators a few times a week you can hope to unclog pores and remove ingrown hairs, all without resorting to using harsh chemicals.

Posted by Laura Andrews