Despite continual warnings about the effects of sun damage, it seems many UK adults are still not taking as much care of their skin as they should.

According to a new survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of Cancer Research UK, the vast majority of the country's population are aware that getting sunburnt increases their risk of developing skin cancer.

However, nine in ten people admit to having suffered sunburn, with almost half of these having experienced pain as a result.

The survey also showed that a fifth of adults don't plan for the weather when they're out and about, so often get caught out by the sun.

And it seems men are worse than women when it comes to remembering sun protection, with over 50 per cent more men than women forgetting to slap it on.

They're also more likely to use a low factor sun cream when they do remember to apply it. Less than half of men said they use at least a factor 15 lotion, compared to two thirds of women.

Perhaps women are more concerned about the impact of sun damage on their appearance, as it's well known that as well as upping the risk of skin cancer, it can also lead to premature aging.

Caroline Cerny, SunSmart campaign manager at Cancer Research UK, said: "There's a big gap between what people know and how they behave in the sun.

"People know that getting sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer but many don't bother to protect their skin from burning."

Sara Hiom, director of health information at the charity, added: "Whether at home or abroad, people should think how to use shade, clothing and sunscreen, applied generously and regularly, to protect themselves."

Regularly applying a high factor sun cream is essential if you're out in the sun, but you can also rely on herbal supplements to boost your skin's protection.

Fushi's Total Sun Complex contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other key ingredients, such as evening primrose oil, to protect skin from the inside out, boosting the power of external sunscreens.

If you do suffer sunburn organic aloe vera juice can be used to gently soothe the skin.

Posted by Laura Andrews