Expectant mothers have been urged to incorporate nutritional supplements into their diets in order to safeguard their health and that of their unborn child.

According to Peter Clough, technical director at Efamol, the key steps pregnant women should take to stay healthy and aid their child’s development are to eat a healthy and balanced diet full of all the necessary nutrients and supplement where necessary.

He pointed out that mothers that take the right nutritional supplements are likely to give birth to healthier babies that have better mental and physical development and lower incidences of allergies.

Taking supplements such as Omega-3 during pregnancy helps to improve the health of mothers themselves, and has been linked to a lower likelihood of post-natal depression.

"Fish oil supplements provide the omega-3 fatty acids, and particularly DHA, which is lacking in today’s western diets," Mr Clough said.

"Many well conducted trials have demonstrated that increasing intake of these nutrients in pregnancy can have major benefits for both the mother and baby."

Women were also advised to remove all harmful substances from their diets as soon as they are about to start trying to conceive a child.

"Stop smoking, ideally as soon as you start planning to have a baby, significantly reduce or cut out altogether alcohol, and eat a healthy balanced diet supplementing where necessary to get some of the important nutrients you may be lacking," Mr Clough said.

There are a wide range of nutritional supplements women can take to maintain optimum health throughout their pregnancy, including Fushi’s Total Pregnancy Complex, which contains all the important micronutrients both mother and child need.

The supplement also comes with a range of other compounds that have maximum health benefits during pregnancy, including phytonutrients and amino acids, which have been proven to keep mothers and babies in excellent pre and post-natal health.

Posted by Matilda Jones