Women have been advised to include organic beauty products into their beauty regimes in order to keep their skin looking and feeling healthy.

According to skin therapist Louise Thomas-Minns, incorporating antioxidants into a skincare routine is an excellent way to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet lights, which can result in a host of serious skin complaints.

Continuing to use natural products can also help women reverse some of the damage that has been done to their skin by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays if used in high enough doses.

As well as using organic beauty products on the skin, women can also incorporate organic foods including fresh fruit and vegetables into their diets.

Ms Thomas-Minns warned women to be wary of the vast range of cosmetic products on the market, which may not necessarily be appropriate for their skin types or useful for particular skin complaints.

Consumers were advised to seek out professional help from specialists who will be able to guide women to the appropriate natural products they require.

"It is a minefield out there of cosmetic companies all wanting to lure you into their range," Ms Thomas-Minns commented.

"Any professional skin therapist worth their weight will guide you through your skin type, condition and give you instruction on what you need to use."

Consumers were also encouraged not to stick with the same products they used during their teenage years because their skin tends to evolve as they get older and they may develop complaints that they never had in their youth.

"Many people are still treating their ’oily/problem’ prone skin even though they don’t have those issues anymore for example," Ms Thomas-Minns explained.

According to make-up artist and skincare specialist Sophie Chamings, natural skincare products can be much healthier for the skin than so-called miracle creams advertised on television.

Posted by Sam Wallace