Using organic shampoo could lower the risk of having an allergic reaction to an unknown chemical, according to All Your Life.

Yvette Cowles, marketing director of the makeover company, explained that organic shampoo is much kinder to the hair and scalp than regular cleansing products.

"There are so many chemicals in shampoos; we don’t really know what they are, and so we don’t know what the side effects are. It is best to use something that is pure and natural where you don’t risk having an allergic reaction to something," she stated.

"People tend to be influenced by advertising. They recognise a brand name and they assume that it must be a good product because they have seen it advertised."

Autumn is the time of year when females will start needing to take care of their hair and scalp a little more because of the cold temperature, wind and central heating used in the home, office and shops, which can make locks dehydrated and flyaway.

"Protect your head from the elements by wearing a hat, comb or brush your hair gently, keep it well conditioned and only use gentle, organic hair products," Ms Cowles advised.

"I personally think it is important to use very gentle hair/skin products that don’t have any harsh chemicals or parabens [because] the scalp is very sensitive."

Using gentle products, such as herbal shampoo, is particularly important when an individual has thinning hair, which can be as a result of stress, shock, medical treatments like chemotherapy or just age. Losing your hair can "really affect your self-esteem and confidence in yourself as a woman", so be kind to heads and perhaps invest in hair loss treatment to boost regrowth.

Above all, it is essential to get hair trimmed regularly to get rid of split ends and dryness. This could make a notable difference to the condition of the hair and get individuals walking down the street with their hair held high.

Posted by Laura Andrews