Older people who haven’t got time in their busy lives to devise and stick to a full-on exercise regime could simply invest in some Yoga equipment and head to a weekly session to improve their health and fitness.

Charlotte Watts, nutritional therapist, Yoga instructor and co-author of the De-Stress Diet, explained that the exercise is "absolutely fantastic" for people aged over 50.

"If you have the right teacher it can be really modified to all different body types and all different levels of flexibility, and one of the things that is supposed to be a big benchmark of keeping and holding onto youth is posture and it is one of the most important things," she pointed out.

"Good circulation, breathing, detoxification - all the things that are naturally anti-aging - Yoga is particularly good for that."

By stretching out on Manduka Yoga mats, individuals can also let go of their worries for a few minutes every day, helping them feel calmer and more relaxed afterwards.

Ms Watts noted that there is a prevailing attitude which defines time spent not ’doing something’ as worthless, but we should overcome this for the sake of our health.

"There is a very defined type of active rest where if we don’t give our bodies and our brains the requisite amount of time for rest, recovery, rejuvenation and restoration - we can’t keep our bodies in balance and we can’t keep our systems working optimally," she commented.

"This is really crucial because our metabolic rates and our ability to produce energy do decline as we get older."

The fitness expert added that quality of rest is even more important than quantity, so older people should get a good night’s sleep and find activities to do to keep them in a natural meditative state, such as Yoga, gardening, swimming, reading, painting or knitting.

Posted by Freya Harper