Eating well and taking plenty of exercise are part of what constitutes healthy living, which in turn can make you feel better on the inside.

Certain foods are reportedly useful to lower the risks of some diseases and medical conditions, so individuals might consider incorporating nutritional supplements into their diet if they feel they are not getting enough health benefits from meals alone.

Dorian Dugmore, president of healthcare group Wellness International, explained that pomegranates are particularly good for the health, and using the whole fruit - including the skin, pith and seeds - gives a more concentrated antioxidant value than the juice alone.

"[Pomegranates] can help to reduce heart problems and cardiovascular disease, by improving the inner linings of the arteries, and producing things such a nitric oxide which really tends to help your circulation and smooth the inside of your arteries. It can stimulate the production of insulin and help you use sugars more effectively," she explained.

"It can reduce the effect of inflammatory markers in your body and reduce things like arthritis to a degree, it can even help to alleviate sexual dysfunction, so there are a variety of health benefits that it has."

Meanwhile, nutritionist Dr Carina Norris has warned that many people could be tempted to opt for unhealthier food because it is relatively cheap, but instead they just need to learn how to eat a balanced diet on a tight budget.

"Although it is perfectly possible to feed yourself from cooking from scratch from simple ingredients, like fruit and vegetables and cheaper cuts of meat, if you don't have the cooking skills and the know-how, you can't do it. That is why people are resorting to convenience foods, fast foods and takeaways and things like that," she posited.

Posted by Matilda Jones