Now that spring is finally here, we have no excuse not to grab our running shoes, pop on some workout clothes and head outside to take advantage of the warmer weather and blue skies.

The best way to ease yourself into a new fitness regime is by fitting in walks whenever you can. If you find yourself stuck to a desk all day, you could consider getting off the bus or Tube a stop early and getting a few minutes’ exercise in the morning.

If you work from home or have children, you might find you can enjoy the sights and sounds of spring by walking to and from school or the shops.

Steve Halsall, fitness expert and entrepreneur, explained that the next step up on the exercise ladder is power walking, which is all about boosting your attitude and technique.

"It is differentiating from a stroll around the park to a concerted effort to push on and create a workout," he said. "The use of the arms is crucial to create momentum and speed, thus raising the heart rate and having a training effect on the heart."

The best thing about power walking is that you don’t need to sign up for an overpriced gym membership to get fit - just invest in some comfortable clothing, work out which route you’re going to take and get started.

"Being in a park outweighs a treadmill anytime," argued Mr Halsall.

"Walking outdoors obviously involves all the different cambers and ups and downs that a treadmill can’t offer, so it may work you more depending on your attitude to the walk."

Remember to take water with you when you power walk because you are likely to sweat quite a bit at first. Keep sipping to remain hydrated and to cool down when you get too hot - try one of Fushi’s reusable bottles to store your drink in while you’re power walking.

Posted by Freya Harper