Using natural beauty products this winter could help to calm and soothe skin that has been irritated by chilly winds and central heating.

Louise Thomas-Minns, a skin therapist and founder of, explained that we still need to protect our skin in the colder months.

"It’s still important to protect your skin with an SPF (sun protection factor) everyday despite the lack of sun, since UV (ultraviolet) rays are present all year round. Choose a product that contains a physical sun screening ingredient, such as zinc or titanium dioxide. These are best equipped to reflect the harmful rays from the skin," she noted.

After the worst of the cold weather has passed, it may be time to look towards investing in a new beauty regime, perhaps using organic beauty products to give skin a boost in time for spring.

"There is a trend towards blemish balms (BBs), which has come over from Japan," said Ms Thomas-Minns.

"These are multi-tasking products that claim to conceal and heal problematic skin. Watch out as well for EPFs (environmental protection factors) in products too. I work with ’cosmeceutical’ products that not only protect from the daily UV rays we are exposed to, but also the environmental assault our skin is constantly under."

Gentle skincare products could also help individuals with dry, chapped or sore skin, as Natalie Balmond, founder and director of PurePotions, pointed out.

She explained that a mix of herbal oils helped treat her young daughter’s eczema after prescribed medication failed to sooth the broken skin.

"So instead of putting lots of creams on her that contains chemicals, preservatives, that kind of thing, I decided to try and nourish and feed her skin with much more natural ingredients," Ms Balmond added.

Posted by Laura Andrews