Now that the sun has come out, go to any park, beach or urban patch of grass anywhere in the UK and you’re sure to find sun-worshippers making the most of the warm weather.

But just because it’s early in the year doesn’t mean we should neglect our skincare - with the temperature hotting up, we need to be slathering on the sun screen to ensure we don’t get burnt.

According to Bevis Man of the British Skin Foundation, most of us tend to take our skin for granted, even though we know the dangers of ultraviolet rays.

"We know that getting sunburnt substantially increases the risk of developing skin cancer at a later stage, so if there are ways in which we can protect the skin, we ought to," he said.

"In summer, a combination of loose clothing and sunscreen application on exposed areas of skin is what we would recommend, plus wearing hats and sunglasses to protect the head and the ears. We often forget to apply sunscreen to areas like the back of the neck and the ears, as well as the feet if we wear open-toe shoes of any kind, so it’s really a case of being more attentive to these areas."

You can also use natural beauty products to soothe hot, sore skin, especially aloe vera, which cools affected areas with its high water content. Chamomile is another useful plant because it can be mixed with your moisturiser or cleanser to calm the complexion, or you can add it to your bath for a relaxing wallow.

For painful sunburn, try lavender oil for fast relief. It’s therapeutic properties can even speed up the healing process, although - as with any herbal oil - be careful when you apply it near broken skin.

Green tea is also fantastic at soothing the skin after sun exposure, because it contains polyphenols and antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and redness and protect skin cells from harm.

Posted by Laura Andrews