Feeling blue this autumn? Try taking your Yoga mat to a nearby green space and having a few minutes of relaxation while breathing the fresh air, a Yoga teacher has advised.

Nutritional therapist Charlotte Watts of de-stressyourlife.com explained: "One of the most important things is to make sure that you get out daily, so that you see sunlight daily on bare skin. That helps keep up serotonin levels. [You can do that by] moving around and doing spontaneous exercise - [such as] walking to places rather than going to the gym."

She pointed out that individuals can lift their mood by finding ways to keep moving and going outdoors as much as possible, even when the temperature starts to dip.

"Even if that means a ten minute walk at lunchtime, it really all helps in the winter."

The co-author of The De-Stress Diet also posited that healthy eating can cheer you up at this time of the year, so try to cut down on fatty, sugary snacks.

"Nutritionally, what is really important throughout all of this is that [your] blood sugar [level] is balanced, so you’re not getting those highs and lows, which leaves you reaching for more sugar. Regulating blood sugar is really important because when serotonin tends to be low, it tends to make us crave sugar. So the more we can balance blood sugar, the less you get into that depression, craving, sugar cycle - which is a very real biochemical thing."

As well as taking your Yoga equipment to individual or group sessions, you could also try doing some exercise at home on those dark evenings when you don’t feel like leaving the house.

"There is really good evidence for running up and down the stairs. There was a study on women who ran up and down the stairs and it really made a massive difference," Ms Watts commented.

"Relaxation isn’t just plonking yourself down in front of the telly, you actually take time [out]."

Posted by Freya Harper