A full, glossy head of hair is on a lot of our wishlists, and now it appears that alongside using a hair loss treatment, eating healthily can prevent our barnet looking thin and stringy.

Glenn Lyons, clinical director and senior trichological consultant at the Philip Kingsley Tricology Clinic in London, told the Daily Mail that our hair is a "barometer" of our general health.

"Hair loss is a much more widespread problem for women of all ages than anyone realises. There are several factors that can cause it," he explained.

"If a person is anaemic or their nutrition is not correct, that will affect the whole of the head. The crown is an area where women can show thinning for genetic reasons, too, or because of stress."

Mr Lyons noted that diet has a huge impact on our tresses, but it is important to eat balanced meals and not skip a food group.

"Protein is very important for the growth of hair cells [and] good quality carbohydrates such as whole grains are also very helpful for hair to provide the energy that the cells need to grow. Getting enough iron is essential, too. Good fats are as good for hair as they are for the body. We can’t live without them," he commented.

Our hair grows fast compared to other cells, but if we are not getting enough good nutrition, our body will decide that hair cells are non-essential and will divert nutrients to other areas, so the downside of being on a diet is that your mane could end up looking dull and lank.

Try using an organic shampoo to give your tresses bounce and life, and conditioning it every time you wash your hair.

You could also indulge in a deep treatment, such as Fushi’s Really Good Hair Oil, which contains avocado oil, argan oil and jasmine to restore your tresses back to their luxuriant best.

Posted by Matilda Jones