The summer holidays are fast approaching and for those of you looking to get away, now is a crucial time to stick to a healthy living plan, so that you look and feel your best while away.

With not much time left, a drastic change to your exercise or eating habits may not be the healthiest way to get in shape, meaning exercising little and often could be a lot better for you.

But how can you incorporate more exercise into your daily routine?

Do yoga

If you’re already used to doing cardiovascular exercise, then you could try complementing it with yoga.

All you need is a yoga mat and a little bit of space and it could help you to tone up and wind down after exercising.

It is also recommended for improving flexibility and muscle strength, according to fitness guru, Laura Williams.

Keep moving

Ms Williams suggests that "literally from the moment you wake up think about it, including small exercises and activities throughout the course of the day, every day".

This helps extra movements fit into your daily routine and can be anything from squatting while brushing your teeth or walking circuits around the kitchen while you wait for the microwave to ping or the TV ad break to finish.

The more space you have, the more adventurous you can be, doing a few push ups, tricep dips or even skipping when you get a spare moment.

Don’t take the easy option

The main thing to take away from adding more exercise into your normal routine is not taking the easy option.

If you want to achieve results you need to be switched on to this, meaning that rather than taking the lift you walk up and down the stairs and instead of using public transport you walk where possible.

Ms Williams advises that you could even "ditch the trolley at the supermarket and take two baskets around" instead, helping to work your biceps as you wander round the aisles.

Posted by Freya Harper