Using natural beauty products to cleanse the skin of oils and sweat could help soothe outbreaks and reduce irritation to the face.

Alice Hart-Davis, creator of GoodThingsBeauty, explained that stress can contribute to spotty skin, so it’s important to take time out to relax and let go of frustrations you can do nothing about.

"If you are under continued stress, and particularly if you consume too much caffeine, your body produces more cortisol - a ’stress hormone’ which can trigger breakouts of spots," she pointed out.

"Keep your stress levels down, cleanse your skin properly every evening to remove dirt, sweat, oil and bacteria as well as make-up, and use oil-free treatment products to get spots under control - clogging skin with creamy or oily products can provoke skin into erupting."

Using organic oils on our skin and tresses could also help soothe dry or angry patches of skin, particularly as the temperature outside starts to dip and the biting winds leave our exposed faces sore.

"I feel that coconut oil may be more beneficial if used on the outside of the body - it is a great moisturiser for hair and skin - than taken internally," Ms Hart-Davis commented.

"What our bodies always need more of are essential fatty acids (EFA), which you find in fish oils. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid, and saturated fats are something that most people try to avoid."

Using moisturising products on our winter-bitten faces and hands could help us feel perkier in the colder months, as often many of us get despondent about the lack of sunlight and the feeling that summer is too far away.

Research from Bimuno IMMUNAID found that 60 per cent of us regularly feel tired and low in energy during winter, while one in three have missed out on a festive party because they were feeling under the weather.

To combat this winter malaise, individuals could try taking nutritional supplements to give themselves a natural energy boost.

Posted by Laura Andrews