Sometimes getting fit isn’t just about dropping a dress size or getting a flatter stomach in preparation for a big event. It can be about making long-term healthy living choices that mean you’ll find it much easier to exercise further and faster, as well as keep an eye on your weight.

According to Denise Taylor, author of Fat to Fantastic, it is obvious what we need to do to feel healthy - although putting the theory into practice can be a lot harder.

"We all think we know what to do - eat less and move more, but not every calorie is the same. Rather than eating ready meals full of chemicals, eating more natural foods such as healthy stews with lots of vegetables can help people to lose weight," she noted.

"But we can all move more to put more activity into our life. It’s not about going to a gym but using the stairs, walking more and finding activities we enjoy."

Meanwhile, the Mirror reported that there are plenty of benefits from getting off the sofa and slipping into your workout gear, including banishing food cravings, lowering your cholesterol and even helping to cure depression.

Being active is essential for our health and wellbeing - the newspaper stated that the rise in the number of cancer, heart disease and diabetes cases could be a result of our more sedentary lifestyles - and getting fit can also be a great way of detoxing.

According to, our body cannot burn fat until our liver is able to eliminate the toxins stored in it, even if we eat healthily and do plenty of exercise.

Taking herbal supplements and tinctures can be an easy way to purge your body of any nasties, especially if you combine it with a beneficial eating plan and a fitness regime.

Fushi’s Cleanse & Detox combo, for example, is great for stimulating the bowel and cleansing the intestinal tract of food and other debris.

Posted by Freya Harper