The sun is out, you’ve just been paid and you’re dreaming about that summer holiday you’ve got planned with the girls or your other half.

But wait - what’s that? The faint alarm bells in your head are already ringing about how you’re going to find the confidence to strip off on the beach.

Well stop panicking, because according to hypnotherapist and life coach Ann Finnemore, now is a great time to embark on a new healthy living programme because the longer, warmer days make it easier to get out and about.

"Whether it’s gardening, walking, cycling or playing games in the park with your children, most people find something they love to do in the summer. All of these things can really improve your fitness and help you shed your excess weight," she pointed out.

If you’re worried about patches of cellulite on your body, there’s plenty of time to see an improvement if you start eating healthier and exercising more now.

"By eating simple, unprocessed foods and making the most of those you can eat raw - such as salad vegetables and fruit - you can improve both your nutrition and feel satisfied by eating less calories," pointed out Ms Finnemore.

Switching to complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and cutting out the refined carbs and sugar will also help you shed any excess pounds, while upping your consumption of protein at every meal, by adding a handful of almonds, cottage cheese or lean meat, will increase your energy levels, making you feel more motivated to get out there and start a new fitness regime.

"Losing weight can be a great boost to your self-esteem and confidence. Not only because you feel that you look better and can dress the way you want to, but also because - when achieved healthily - weight loss can bring with it improved energy and better health," added Ms Finnemore.

Posted by Freya Harper