Gerard Butler has become the latest A-list star to go public with their love of Yoga, praising the discipline for helping him hone his widely-envied figure.

The actor, who hit the big time as the beefed-up King Leonidas in the blood and guts epic 300, has recently been spotted looking far more svelte.

But, far from overhauling his lifestyle, the Scot has revealed that he has simply been doing the things he loves, including getting out his Yoga products and his surf board, and that the weight loss has come relatively easy to him.

"It’s just doing a lot of cardio and watching what I eat," he said of his healthy living routine in an interview with People magazine.

"I stopped lifting big weights and I’m doing Yoga. It’s not hard to stay in shape," he said, though he added that it is difficult staying in "good shape".

Butler’s profession of his love for yoga comes hot on the heels of Miranda Kerr crediting the discipline with helping her lose her pregnancy pounds.

The Australian supermodel, who is married to Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom, recently gave birth to her first child, a son named Flynn.

And, while many new mums may take a few months off to recuperate, she was back on the catwalk just six months after the birth, citing both breastfeeding and enjoyable exercise, particularly Yoga, as factors that helped her regain her figure.

Other big name stars known to be fans of Yoga include Trudie Styler and Christy Turlington, while millions more people from all walks of life embrace it for a range of reasons, from staying in shape, to escaping from the stresses of everyday life and easing aches and strains.

Posted by Freya Harper