Healthy living is not just about ensuring you eat a balanced diet or take regular exercise; it is a holistic experience encompassing all aspects of our lives, according to The Third Space.

The Huffington Post reported that a '4D' approach to health and wellbeing is set to become popular in 2012, with experts at the London gym chain believing those pursuing healthy living should address their fitness, nutrition, medical status and lifestyle.

Matt Julian, head of fitness at The Third Space, told writer Caroline Sandry: "It is no good training hard at the gym for an hour, and then going home to drink a couple of glasses of whiskey."

Instead, individuals might be tempted to invest in quality Yoga mats and try to incorporate gentle activity and a healthy diet in order to start feeling more positive.

Ms Sandry suggested some people may like to try out hybrid classes, which can integrate Yoga and spin, or cardio and Pilates, giving participants "a fun workout and saving them precious time on two classes for the price of one".

"So whether you need a new trend to get you off the sofa, or if it is your straining jeans that are calling for help, be nice to your body and move it more," the writer added.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail recently cited research showing that pregnant women are more likely to take up regular exercise than those who are not expecting, with 60 per cent frequently heading to the pool to swim and many mums-to-be buying Yoga equipment so they can become more supple.

Justine Roberts, co-founder of parenting website Mumsnet, explained: "Pregnancy is all about changing your habits to be as healthy as possible."

"However, our bodies tell us pretty quickly when we are doing too much and it is important that all mums-to-be look after themselves and listen to what their bodies are telling them rather than pushing themselves too hard to exercise," she added.

Posted by Freya Harper