With the bank holiday weekend finally here many people will be planning a range of day trips and visits over the four day break.

While out and about it can be easier to let your healthy living ideals slip, instead forking out money on foods you wouldn’t normal indulge in.

But if you’re keen to maintain your healthy diet then why not bring a lunchbox? You can make these cheaply in advance and fill them up with plenty of tasty low calorie snacks to keep you going all day.

Here are some yummy low-calorie ingredients you might want to include.


This is one of nature’s lowest calorie foods, with only about five calories a stem. It’s thought to contain certain phytochemicals which could help lower blood pressure and is packed full of water, aiding bodily processes and helping to keep you hydrated.


It’d take a whopping 15 cups of this green leafy vegetable to hit 100 calories, proving it really is a great low-calorie option. It’s rich in calcium, iron, vitamin K, phosphorous, potassium and zinc and goes really well in both wraps and sandwiches.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese contains about one-fifth of the calories you’ll find in most other cheeses and is very high in protein. Low-sodium versions are usually healthier but there’s no reason to forego dairy products when they can be this low calorie.


Strawberries are a great seasonal fruit and at this time of the year it’s easy to find plenty of local and organic options around. They’re packed with antioxidants and immunity-boosting vitamin C. This delicious red fruit can be a refreshing option for when it’s warm out and eating a pound of strawberries offers the same number of calories as exist in half a cup of vanilla ice cream.

There are many low calorie-friendly foods perfect for lunchboxes, so get creative and see what recipes you can come up with!

Posted by Matilda Jones