We’ve been bombarded with messages about the dangers of sunburn every summer for years, but many of us are still not using organic beauty protects to protect our complexion against harmful UV rays.

Cosmetic skincare specialist Dr Rita Rakus said it’s really important to protect the cells all year round from the sun, but especially so in the hotter months when the sun is stronger.

"You should invest in a good quality foundation … which incorporates UVA (ultraviolet long wave) and UVB (ultraviolet short wave) protection. This will protect your skin all day long," she explained.

"I would also advise trying to stay out of the sun as much as possible - between the peak times of 11am and 3pm - when the sun is at its strongest. If you have to venture out, ensure you wear suitable headwear."

As well as giving you sore skin for a few days, sunburn can damage the structure of skin cells over time, raising your risk of developing cancer.

The damage may not be seen in our younger years, but if we continue stepping out in the sun without protection, over time we put ourselves in danger of developing malignant melanoma.

Those of us most at risk are the ones with fair skin that turns red quickly in the sun, red or blonde hair, lots of moles or freckles, a family history of skin cancer and those who have already had sunburn, especially when young.

As well as protecting your complexion with sunscreen, taking a nutritional supplement could enhance your defences against harmful rays.

Fushi’s Total Sun Complex contains vitamins C and E, evening primrose oil, citrus bioflavonoids and other ingredients designed to boost the protection given by external sunscreens by up to 25 per cent.

Posted by Laura Andrews