With the sun starting to break through those grey winter skies and signs of spring beginning to appear all around us, it’s time to put a stop to dull, lifeless skin and embark on a new skincare regime using natural beauty products.

Skin therapist Louise Thomas-Minns explained that it becomes vital to use an environmental shield as we move into the sunnier months, although of course we should be protecting our complexion against harmful UV rays all year round.

"Gentle wash-off cleansers become useful at this time of the year as we become more active in our lifestyles and the skin will perspire more. Choose one that is pH balanced and rich in vitamin C and E, which will support the skin while you cleanse," she advised.

We should pay attention to the changes our skin goes through in different seasons because it will have new requirements depending on whether the climate is hot, dry, cold or wet.

"We understand that your skin changes every minute of every day. The season, climate, hormones, stress levels and product use all have an impact," the skincare expert pointed out.

She recommended consulting a skin specialist if you’ve been using the same products all year, or have not really altered your routine since your teenage years.

Louise added that the skin’s key defence against the environment is an antioxidant-rich moisturiser that will "mop up all the youth-scavenging free radicals that we get from [the] daily assault of sun, pollution and climate change."

If you prefer to use organic beauty products instead of those containing synthetic chemicals, try applying a combination of herbal oils and carrier oils to your skin to ward off strong ultraviolet rays.

Lavender, helichrysum, myrrh and Roman chamomile oils are all known for their sun-blocking properties, so mix five to ten drops per ounce of carrier oil for an all-natural sun screen.

Posted by Laura Andrews