Yoga may be renowned for its embrace of peace and tranquillity, but that doesn't mean you should assume your fellow classmates' tolerance knows no bounds.

Arrive on time

Arriving late to a yoga class is not only disruptive for the person leading the class, but will also put everyone in the session on edge too. Imagine yourself trying to hold a particularly compromising pose while the person next to you flaps and fiddles with their yoga mat. More than a little bit off-putting.

While obviously lateness is sometimes unavoidable, regularly arriving after the class has started will earn you a bad reputation.

Stay off other people's yoga mats

Usually people bring their own yoga mat to class, principally because it becomes such an intimate part of the whole routine. You'll find yourself laying your face, belly, back neck and thighs on this mat. The last thing anyone wants is someone else's toes going where you're about to put your cheek. There's no knowing where it's been.

Avoid perfume

This might seem like a bit of an odd one, but perfume can prove terribly stifling in a yoga room where deep breathing is an important part of almost every stretch. Neighbouring someone wearing strong perfume or deodorant in an intimate yoga room can make the whole session rather unpleasant.

Turn off your mobile phone

This is a catch all for any exercise class, really. In fact, most people apply this rule to any gathering of strangers, be that a cinema, lecture hall or aerobics lesson.

With concentration being so integral to yoga, an unexpectedly loud ringtone can really disrupt someone trying to get themselves set in a particularly challenging position. It's not very relaxing either, so will disrupt the object of many people having come to the class in the first place.

It's not a private session

Obviously there will be some things that you'll want to ask the instructor during the session. But while this is generally okay to do, it's always a good rule of thumb to be mindful of other people.

Too many questions will be distracting, and also mean the instructor has less time to spend with other people.

Remember, while yoga is definitely a challenge, it should also be fun for those taking part. Try to enjoy yourself at the classes - you'll get a lot more out of it!