Healthy living is about more than diet and exercise, it’s about turning these choices into a lifestyle and integrating measures slowly to ensure you can actually stick to your new plan.

Linda Main, dietician for HEART UK -The Cholesterol Charity, claims that there are a few strategies which should you stick to at least two or three you should start noticing the benefits.

1: Don’t aim too high

Setting realistic short-term goals means that you’re probably more likely to stick to them and that they can be better integrated into your current lifestyle.

This could mean swapping a few foods for healthier options or trying to do three 30 minute walks a week.

2: Avoid fad diets

Crash dieting doesn’t work, according to Ms Main, as "it leads to short-term weight loss which is rapidly re-gained because the dieter has not learned to adopt and adjust to a new and healthier way of eating".

She added that "a modest weight loss followed by weight maintenance is more realistic" for many people, as this can be more manageable in the longer term.

Even a modest weight loss of five to ten per cent of your weight can lead to a whole host of health benefits such as lower blood pressure and cancer risk.

3: Get active

During the warmer weather it can be even easier to introduce more physical activity into your lifestyle. Taking up team sports or a more adventurous hobby such as climbing, kayaking or mountain biking can be a big commitment, but there are plenty of low impact activities worth trying.

Walking, cycling, swimming and yoga can all easily be slotted into a busy schedule and can be done alone or as part of an organisation, allowing you to enjoy the support of others.

4. Get help

By joining a group or implementing healthy living changes with a friend or family member this can help you stay motivated, making your more likely to stick to your new routine.

Recruiting an exercise buddy or cooking healthier meals with a partner can make your health kick more enjoyable, helping it to transform the way you live your life.

Posted by Matilda Jones