In these gloomy weeks after Christmas, it seems like half the office are off with flu - and the other half are at their desks sniffing and feeling sorry for themselves.

So if you want to be a good workmate, why not buy some eco-friendly gifts for your poorly team and help them feel better in the process?

Neti pots are a natural way to treat colds and sniffles and are used to cleanse and unblock the nasal passage. They were first used in Ayurvedic medicine and resemble a small teapot with a long spout.

In some parts of India and south east Asia, neti pots are used in the Jala Neti Yoga technique to rinse the nasal cavity with salty water. Many people start their day by using a neti pot or come back to it after hours of working in dusty or polluted environments.

Users of these green products believe they help reduce allergy problems, runny noses, sinus infections and symptoms of colds, while improving breathing and boosting sinus health.

To use the neti pot, mix a small amount of salt with tepid water inside the pot and tilt your head sideways facing down. It’s best to do this over a bath or basin so you don’t splash liquid everywhere.

Place the spout in the higher nostril and tip the water into your nose. Continue to breathe through your mouth and the saline solution will flow out through the lower down nostril.

After you’ve repeated the process for the other nostril, allow all the water to come out of your nasal passage by breathing quickly through your nose. Try not to squeeze your nose or block off one nostril as this can cause water to gather in hard-to-reach areas, which could result in an ear infection.

Introduce your sick colleagues to the neti pot and see how quickly that cold stops going around the office.

Posted by Sam Wallace