Find the right oil for you

Fed up of anxiously watching in the mirror as your skin goes from dry to oily to spotty to dull and back again every month? Try the oil cleaning method to see whether herbal oils can clear up your complexion.


It’s easy to do and doesn’t take long before you see the difference. All you need is a special oil tailored towards your individual skin type, a flannel and a few minutes in the morning and evening.


Use carrier oils such as castor oil as a base, as this has antibacterial properties and can dissolve make-up. Surprisingly, castor oil can be quite drying, so make sure you don’t use too much of it by itself.


If you have acne-prone skin, try applying a few drops of jojoba oil to your castor oil and massaging it in, leaving the liquid to sit on the surface for a few minutes before dipping your washcloth in warm water and washing it off again. This will remove all the gunk you accumulate throughout the day and replace your natural oils, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.


Harsh cleansers packed full of artificial chemicals are known to strip the skin of its natural sebum, which can cause it to produce more and results in blackheads, spots and clogged pores. This is why herbal oils, such as grape seed, olive and sweet almond oil, are great for those with an oily complexion. Use two-thirds castor oil to one-third carrier oil for the best result.


Even if you have normal or combination skin, there are oils available to help restore lost moisture and repair any damage. Try apricot kernel and sunflower to give your skin a boost and use equal parts castor and herbal oil.


Want to combat dry or ageing skin?

Avocado oil and argan oil are your friends here, and can leave your skin feeling plumped and firm and looking more youthful. Just add one-third castor oil to two-thirds of your chosen product for the best combination.


If you’re committed to your skincare regime, you can use the oil cleaning method everyday. However, if you choose to use oils on your face just two or three times a week, make sure you don’t cleanse with a shop-bought product that contains sulfides or sulfates, as this could cause your skin to produce more oils and lead to breakouts.


Posted by Laura Andrews