With the combination of falling temperatures and harsh central heating, many women find this time of the year plays havoc with their hair.

Locks can start looking lifeless and dry, or else become frizzy and flyaway when you try to brush them, so try using an organic coconut oil treatment to get the hair looking glossy and hydrated.

Become Gorgeous recommends individuals leave inexpensive coconut oil in their hair for an hour, or even overnight, as this gives the solution time to work into the hair and scalp.

The site's resident blogger Isy advises females to start with wet hair but not to apply any shampoo to it. Beginning with the scalp, work the oil through the roots and down the length of the strands of hair, using a comb to make sure the coconut oil is getting to those dehydrated locks. You can even warm the oil up before applying it by putting a couple of tablespoons inside a jar and submerging it in hot water for a minute or two.

Next, wrap your oiled hair in a warm towel and leave it for as long as possible. If you are planning to keep the oil on overnight, it might be an idea to lightly blowdry the roots of the hair so that you don't have to sleep on a damp pillow all night.

After the coconut has been left to work its magic, wash it out and shampoo your hair as normal. You should notice a significant difference in its condition after one use, and Isy reckons it has made her barnet much softer, shinier and manageable, with fewer knots to tackle. Treat your hair a couple of times a week to an intensive conditioning treatment using the coconut oil and it will remain looking and feeling vitalised despite the dreary skies and chilly winds.

Posted by Laura Andrews