From this month onwards, women could find the use of a hair loss treatment vital to stop their locks from moulting excessively.

According to Glenn Lyons, consultant trichologist at the Philip Kingsley clinic in London, many females tend to lose their hair in the autumn because of a number of factors.

He told the Daily Mail that most hair loss is natural and due to the life cycle of the scalp.

Mr Lyons explained that an average hair grows for up to six years before going into the telogen, or resting, stage for between two and six months, then it falls out. The hair follicle then rests for another three months before growing another strand.

However, stress, medication, iron deficiency and diet can all have a significant impact on the health of hair, in some cases causing it to moult faster than it otherwise would have done.

"Hair is an incredibly sensitive barometer," Mr Lyons noted.

"Hair cells are the second-fastest produced cells in the body after bone marrow, so hair is often the first thing to suffer from any bodily upset. It can even forewarn you when there are no other symptoms of illness."

As well as addressing the causes of stress and illness in their life, women might be tempted to invest in organic shampoo to see whether this boosts the longevity of their locks.

They could also try a healthy living regime - eating lots of fruit and vegetables and taking some time out of their day to relax and unwind.

If they are struggling to eat a balanced diet, females could try introducing healthier products and gradually reducing the amount of fatty, salty and sugary foods they eat.

However, it is not advised to go on a crash diet, as this could lead to further hair loss.

Trichologist Dr Hugh Rushton told the Daily Mail: "You can eat as much protein and iron as you like, but without any energy your hair will suffer."

Posted by Matilda Jones