Getting our skin looking rosy and dewy is hard enough at the best of times, but in winter it can be a real struggle to brighten our complexion.

Luckily, there are organic beauty products that can help hydrate the skin and get some colour back into our cheeks.

Louise Thomas-Minns, skin therapist and founder of, commented: "With the first cold snap of winter forcing us to don our scarves and gloves and to crank up the heating, our skin can start to manifest a whole host of unsightly changes. [For] dry and flaky skin, any moisturiser worth entertaining should contain ingredients that are found in our skin."

This means picking organic beauty products that contain hyaluronic acid, which helps bind moisture to the dermis layer of the skin.

"Apply your moisturiser to slightly damp skin - this will further enhance its humectant properties and make your product go a little further. Dehydration is the term coined by the cosmetic industry to describe the tight, creepy appearance that’s down to a lack of water in the skin. It’s a lot more complex than this, however - upping your fluid intake can help," she mentioned.

Individuals might think the last thing their oily skin needs is more moisture, but the skincare expert pointed out that dehydrated skin can cause more problems. "If your skin is parched, it will try and help out by secreting more oil onto the skin. This can lead to an oily shine and blocked follicles - resulting in spotty outbreaks."

Ms Thomas-Minns explained that gentle exfoliation will clean out the pores and reduce blemishes on the face, while people might find their complexion improves if they use products containing alpha hydroxy acids, which work to rebalance the oil-secreting glands.

Posted by Laura Andrews