If you're looking for new make-up ideas, you might be interested to hear that vintage colours and styles are back in fashion.

According to Beryl Barnard, director of education at the London School of Beauty and Makeup, coral shades are making a real comeback.

She said this colour used to be reserved for "old ladies of 75" but is increasingly being used to create young and funky looks.

"Now we have got the soft, prettier corals, more fuchsia, Barbie pink," she explained.

Ms Barnard also pointed out that makeup trends evolve with the seasons, so as autumn turns to winter, colours are likely to get darker.

"In the winter, you have your vampy red and your burgundies and you probably wear a lot of black," she remarked.

However, the vintage look will still be popular, the expert predicted, especially following the sudden death of singer Amy Winehouse.

"For winter, there will definitely be the Amy Winehouse vintage eyeliner," she envisaged.

However, it's likely that most women will opt for a subtler look than the Back to Black star, who made eyeliner flicks her trademark.

Ms Barnard explained that often, celebrity and catwalk trends are watered down to produce a more manageable everyday look.

"If you actually saw the catwalk makeup close up, it is actually unblended," she stated. "It needs to be very harsh to stand out along the runway."

She said makeup for real women should be softer and natural, and not as edgy as it is on the runway or in fashion magazines.

If you're experimenting with vintage makeup trends, bold colours and thick eyeliner, it's important that you invest in some natural beauty products to protect the delicate skin of your face.

A gentle facial cleanser that will remove all traces of makeup and impurities is a must, as is a good moisturiser.

Posted by Laura Andrews