Now that autumn has well and truly arrived, you might be feeling cold and a bit down about not being able to venture outside in summery dresses for the next few months.

But next time you turn down an invitation for an evening out you don’t feel like going on, don’t be embarrassed to say that you’ll be washing your hair.

According to new research, the act of cleaning your locks with organic shampoo or other products helps us actually feel better.

Spike Lee of the University of Michigan recently led research into the emotional effects of getting clean.

He told the Daily Mail: "By washing the hands, taking a shower or even thinking of doing so, people can rid themselves of a sense of immorality, unlucky feelings, or doubt about a decision.

"The bodily experience of removing physical residues can provide the basis of removing more abstract mental residues - metaphor is that powerful," he explained.

However, this can work both ways, so if you’re feeling happy or excited about something, having a wash can reduce the positive impact.

"Cleansing removes the residual influence of earlier experience. If that was positive, it would go down the drain too," Mr Lee suggested.

"In fact, washing one’s hands after reminiscing about a positive event limits the warm glow of happy memories, leaving people less satisfied."

But even if your excitement has subsided a bit following a bath or shower, at least your hair will look and smell gorgeous after using herbal shampoo to get it squeaky clean.

Buying organic hair care products does not have to cost a bomb either, so why not take an evening out of your busy schedule this October, pour yourself a beverage of choice and run a hot bath or shower to get your locks feeling smooth and silky.

Posted by Laura Andrews