So you’ve decided that 2012 will be the year you get healthy and have even invested in Yoga equipment and looked into signing up for classes. But what should you wear when you’re getting to grips with Downward Facing Dog?

According to Charlotte Watts, a nutritional therapist, Yoga teacher and co-author of The De-Stress Diet, the best clothes to wear for Yoga practice should be comfortable and easy to move around in, particularly around the waist to prevent you from feeling restricted.

This is why many Yoga trousers have fold-over top panels, she explained.

"It can be useful to have clothes that allow you to see the positioning of your knees and be aware of the positioning of your pelvis and lower back. This will help you follow instructions, especially when new poses are unfamiliar to you," the Yoga expert said.

"When we start out on a yoga journey, we can feel body connection takes a while to establish, and seeing alignment in these areas can help you follow postural and placing instructions in ways that safely support your knees and lower back."

Yoga beginners might wish to wear tighter clothes in this case, as doing so can help the instructor see their body alignment and let them know if they need to adjust it.

Ms Watts’ comments came after model Imogen Thomas was spotted leaving her Bikram Yoga class in a stylish white crop top and long black trousers this week.

The 29-year-old had been using Yoga mats in a studio warmed up to 40 degrees Celsius and came outside after the fitness session to cool off in the freezing London air.

Earlier, Imogen had written on her Twitter page about her need to get to the class.

"Off to Bikram with a sore head. Need to sweat these lychee martinis out," she tweeted her followers.

Posted by Laura Andrews