Cellulite is just one of the factors affecting women’s confidence in the bottom department, according to a new survey by George at Asda.

Announcing the launch of its Great Bum Jeans, the retailer said its research had shown that 72 per cent of women would spend up to £10 for the perfect derriere.

Four in ten of those questioned said they thought their bum was too big, while more than a quarter said they had too much cellulite.

A fifth of respondents said their bottoms were too saggy and a similar number insisted theirs just wasn’t pert enough.

It was recognised that exercise and healthy diet can help to improve body shape and help women get the bum they want.

Indeed, three in five cited a lack of exercise for their less than perfect derriere, while a quarter blamed poor eating habits.

But of course everyone loves a helping hand while they work to achieve their ideal figure, which is why Asda has introduced its new denims.

The Great Bum Jeans, which are on offer for just £18, are made using "clever stitching techniques" which Asda claims make the bottom appear more pert.

Fiona Lambert, Brand Director at George, said: "Our customers asked us for something they can wear every day that will help embrace their curves."

But what about when you take the jeans off? If cellulite is your concern, it will still be there when you remove your jeans at night.

Fortunately, in addition to exercising and eating well, there are some natural beauty products that can help without resorting to surgery or harmful chemicals.

Fushi’s new Really Good Cellulite Oil has been formulated to boost circulation, tone and firm the skin and reduce the appearance of the dreaded orange peel.

It features a blend of stimulating natural ingredients, including gotu kola and green coffee bean oil, and could have excellent results if used in conjunction with a good cellulite brush.

Posted by Laura Andrews