Those who find their lives are busy and hectic in the modern world could keep themselves grounded through the practice of Yoga, it has been said.

Screenwriter and children’s author Patricia Rust wrote in the Huffington Post that, while the practice was developed as a preparation for meditation, she finds it helps keep her sane and has improved her concentration and perspective on life.

She encouraged everyone who can have stressful days to seek out some Yoga products and try it themselves, as the twisting and turning release endorphins, which increase happiness, as well as massaging the internal organs.

Yoga is a good way to improve healthy living, as it also eliminates toxins from the body and provides a way to exercise and strengthen the body, according to the writer.

"Yoga is not jumping through hoops or doing Marine Corps drills with the postures, despite what I see in Yoga studios," she said.

"For me, the kind of Yoga that works from the inside out is much more about quietude and meditation, and this is what I would encourage seeking out: Hatha, Iyengar or restorative Yoga," Ms Rust added.

Gerard Butler has become the latest A-list star to go public with a love of Yoga, praising the discipline for helping him hone his widely-envied figure.

The actor, who hit the big time as the beefed-up King Leonidas in the blood and guts epic 300, has recently been spotted looking far more svelte, which he put down to his Yoga products and his surf board that have helped him achieve the weight loss.

Other famous celebrities who enjoy a spot of Yoga include Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Meg Ryan.

Posted by Freya Harper