If you’re one of the thousands of people who plan to embark on a new fitness regime in 2012 you may be looking into your gym membership options and wondering how you can afford it.

According to a survey by moneysupermarket.com, one in ten people are concerned about the cost of joining a gym in the New Year.

Five per cent of those who are already members do not intend to renew again this year because they rarely used the gym in 2011 and need to cut costs.

This doesn’t mean that fewer people are planning to get fit in the 12 months ahead. It just means they’ll be finding less expensive ways to do so.

Investing in some quality Yoga equipment, such as a Manduka Eco Yoga Mat and some stylish workout clothes, could set you up for the whole year.

A few bits and pieces could cost the same as just two months of gym membership, so you’ll essentially be getting fit for free for the remainder of 2012.

And with Yoga equipment, you’ll be able to carry out high intensity workouts with lots of movement, or slower, strength-building sessions designed to tone and shape your muscles.

James Clarke, head of protection at moneysupermarket.com, said: "Despite the indulgence of Christmas it seems gym membership is not high on the priority list for a New Year health kick as Brits look to cut costs.

"Joining a gym can be a huge financial commitment, and with many gym-goers admitting to rarely using their membership, it’s important to consider whether their hard earned cash can be used more effectively."

For those new to Yoga practice, a Yoga for Beginners book could be ideal for getting started, while a handy Yoga bag could be perfect for anyone who fancies getting out and joining a Yoga class.

Posted by Freya Harper