Looking to add a tropical twist to your salad to give it an extra special edge? Coconut oil could be the ingredient for you.

As well as being a natural beauty product that can lead to beneficial effects on the skin, you can also eat this exciting oil for a tasty treat - and it's flavour could lend a hand the next time you're thinking of making a salad.

Made from coconut meat, it's a superb natural addition that makes a great change to the dressing recipes we're used to seeing in this part of the world.

Fantastic coconut crunch salad

To make this simple but tasty salad all you'll need are the following easy to find ingredients:

To serve two:

One small crisp iceberg lettuce

A handful of coconut flakes (non-sweetened)

Cooked beetroots to taste (the sort that come in transparent boxes, prepared in vinegar)

Two large carrots (great for Vitamin A!)

Eight small to medium full flavoured tomatoes

To create the salad:

Wash, peel and then grate the carrots, which will help to add crunch to your salad. Wash and halve the lettuce and then shred. Slice the beetroot into neat, attractive discs and quarter the tomatoes.

Add all these ingredients to your favourite bowl and combine.

To create the dressing, you will need to simply melt enough coconut oil to give a light coating and then combine with other ingredients. Instructions for how to create a variety of different dressings using this versatile oil can be found online.

Once you've dressed your salad, divide into two bowls and add a sprinkling of flaked coconut to the top of each dish, then serve and enjoy the tasty flavour of coconut oil adding a new twist to the usual salad experience!