There's no denying the joy that comes with indulging in a smoothie - not only can they taste brilliant, but they also have the added advantage of being a fab healthy living treat, as they will often contain a range of vitamins and minerals which benefit the body.

One ingredient that it can pay to have to hand when you're smoothie-making is our amazing 'Best Superfood Berry Blend', which can be sprinkled onto cereal, enjoyed in fruit juice or whizzed into a smoothie - it's simply up to you!

You'll know you're adding some amazing nutrients to a deliciously cold and fruity smoothie if you put a little of this great product in when you're making it. But it takes no time at all to pop some in a smoothie!

Containing grape skin and grape seed, it's a berry-tastic product featuring those much talked-about antioxidants. We've recommended it as a supplement to people's anti-aging routines, so people looking for something new to add to these regimes may well wish to give it a go.

There are many great ingredients in this blend, like goji berry, raspberry leaf, prune extract, acai berry and montmorency cherry.

You should keep it somewhere cool where children can't get to it, but you might well want to store it in the kitchen, where it will be easily to hand when you get smoothie-making!

The idea is that you use a 5 gram serving each day, which is about a teaspoon full. Such an easy way to add so much to a smoothie!

If you like the sound of this special blend, you might also wish to try our Best Superfood Green Blend as an alternative smoothie extra.

This also contains great ingredients, like apple pectin, chia seeds, wheatgrass sprouts, spinach and aloe vera.