African Anti-Ageing Marula

By Jade Ellis


At Fushi we are inspired by natural beauty remedies from the world over, and we love discovering new amazing oils! It is likely that you have heard of Argan and Coconut oil, which are both incredible and have become very well known in the western world. Upon discovering Marula oil, we really believe this unsung hero deserves just as much recognition, if not more, than the beloved Argan and Coconut oils. When we heard about the miracle Marula oil of Africa, we were really excited about it!


Compared to Argan oil, Marula oil contains 60% more antioxidants! It is higher in Oleic acid, contains vitamin C, has a high vitamin E content, absorbs quicker and is great for boosting matured skin types. Marula oil is commonly known as ‘Miracle oil’ in Africa. This oil has been valued amongst African women for hundreds of years for its many powerful benefits. Marula is an African beauty secret for amazing skin and has been hailed by women in Northern Namibia for hundreds of years!


This precious oil is extracted from the fruit kernels found on Marula trees, which is actually a member of the Mango family. These trees have been a source of nutrition for African people since ancient times, and the trees remain a treasured resource to this day! Choosing to use Marula oil is also a sustainable choice as it does provide an income for many families in southern Africa.


This is exceptionally rare oil has a fragrant floral, nutty aroma with powerful properties. Marula oil is very light in texture, super-fast absorbing, packed with nutrients and fatty acids that fight environmental stressors and is wonderfully hydrating for the skin. Marula really has everything you would want in an oil! So, here are the wonderful benefits of using this oil…


For the skin

High fatty acid content!

Marula oil nourishes the skin deeply and hydrates due to its unique content of fatty acids.


Marula Oil is very high in Oleic acid. Oleic acid is a mono-saturated Omega 9 fatty acid, which is very beneficial for dry skin. This fatty acid can protect the skin from the sun, bring moisture deep into the skins surface, promote wound healing, seals in moisture, reduce inflammation and repair the skin. This is also found in our skins sebum, which makes it even more positive for the skin. Oleic acid makes oils heavy and rich, so they are extra-occlusive and can seal in moisture really effectively.


Vitamins and Minerals!

Marula oil contains the great vitamins for the skin - Vitamin E and C.


Vitamin C can trigger collagen production and reduce hyper pigmentation. This vitamin is a free radical scavenger. The Vitamin C in Marula oil promotes skin elasticity, rises collagen production and leads to firmer skin. It also reduces scars and pigmentation. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant which can aid in blocking free radical damage caused by exposure to UV rays. Vitamin E also boosts collagen production, helping to maintain skin elasticity and prevent wrinkle formation.


Acne fighting and anti-ageing!

Marula oil is great at treating blemishes and scars, as well as fighting acne, due to its hydrating and antimicrobial properties.


Marula oil is absorbed easily and is a perfect night oil for the face and neck area. It is an ideal oil to use to help protect the skin from aging, as it is most effective at protecting the skin from those damaging free radicals that accelerate this process. It is a perfect oil for matured skin types.


Skin smoother!

Marula oil is great for all skin types, and has an amazing ability to soften and penetrate the skin deeply.


This oil can enhance the appearance of your complexion and improve the firmness of your skin. You may be surprised at the soft and smooth skin that you find after using our Marula oil! The oil also maintains the skins silky texture by hydrating and reversing skin damage caused by environmental factors.


For the hair

Marula oil is great at protecting the hair from heat, harsh UV rays, or environmental damage. Marula oil is powerful for moisture and will nourish from your strands to your scalp. Along with these many benefits, this oil spreads easily, offers a smooth finish and fights unnecessary frizz!


For the nails

Marula oil also keeps your nails in perfect condition. If you have weak nails that are prone to cracking and breaking, you can use this oil in the aid of making your nails strong. The oil will moisturise and nourish your nails, and as a bonus, regularly applying this oil will keep your hands feeling lovely and soft!