Stress is a problem that affects many people in the UK. Anxiety can have its roots in work, family or financial worries.

Sometimes there is no trigger for nervousness. Instead, people simply feel unable to cope with life's everyday demands.

If you're suffering from anxiety, it can affect every aspect of your life. Some people have difficulty sleeping, eating and maintaining relationships.

It can also affect a person physically - causing dramatic weight gain or loss, irritable skin and sometimes painful headaches and muscle pains.

If you feel that you are unable to cope with your anxiety, then there are specialist treatments available if you see your GP. Before you take the medical route, some people have found that natural remedies can help alleviate their anxiety.

Be active

Exercise is the quickest way to give yourself an energy boost. Getting your blood pumping releases endorphins - mood-enhancing chemicals which help you to cope better with stress.

Although all exercise is good, yoga is particularly beneficial in helping give you some meditation time to relax and reflect.

Yoga can help get you in the right frame of mind to allow you to identify the cause of your stress.

Once the origin of your anxiety has been sourced, you will be better equipped to think of ways around it and bust that stress.

Get rid of your vices

Many people turn to alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes in high-pressure situations.

These vices may give some short-term relief, but they are only creating further problems in the long term.

Instead of drinking coffee or wine, try a relaxing herbal tea or drink. The soothing components will help you sleep better at night, without adding any harmful toxins into your system.

Be positive

Part of becoming happier simply comes from thinking more positively. Accept the things that you can't change, and focus on the good qualities of your life.

It's a lot easier to get bogged down in the negatives, but in doing so often people miss the many good aspects about their life.

Some people find that writing three positive things about their life every day can really help them to appreciate what they do have.

Posted by Matilda Jones