Aloe Vera’s health-benefiting powers have been reported as far back as 5,000 years ago when ancient Egyptians used the plant both orally and topically to treat a number of ailments. From burns and scars to upset stomachs, this plant’s powers has been linked to helping bodies heal and cleanse.

Traditionally, it’s the aloe vera gel - found when you open the leafy green stalks of the plant - that has been used in natural medicine, but recently, the juice has been touted to have great benefits.

From detoxing, to aiding digestion and boosting your immune system, there are plenty of reasons why this juice could help improve your all-round wellbeing. Here are just some reasons why we love aloe vera juice.


Had a couple of stressful weeks filled with rushed lunches and take-away dinners? Or maybe just a weekend with one too many cocktails? Well a burst of aloe vera juice could help you cleanse and detox. Its high water content, combined with its powerful sources of trace elements, vitamins and minerals makes for the perfect combination to eliminate any toxins our body builds up in daily life.

Youthful skin:

Having clear and glowing skin goes hand-in-hand with detoxing; the fewer toxins in your body, the more healthy your skin and complexion will look. Aloe vera juice works to repair your collagen and elastin in the skin which will, over time, give you a more youthful appearance as skin cells in the dermis replace itself every 28 days or so. Top up your hydration levels with aloe vera juice and you’ll soon start to see the difference.

Immune boosting:

As winter draws in, there’s no better time to make sure your immune system is in tip-top condition and is ready to fight off any infection that comes your way. Aloe vera juice is filled with antioxidants which help fight off the free radicals - unstable compounds whose side effects range from speeding up the ageing process to upsetting our metabolism - found in our bodies. With a daily dose of aloe vera juice, your body and immune system will have the power to fight off these free radicals before they affect your health.

Amazing amino acids:

Amino acids are essential in our body in order to build proteins and in turn, the majority of our body’s cells. Our body needs 20 of these amino acids to survive, but it can only produce 12 of them on its own, the rest needs to be sourced from food and nutrients. Aloe vera juice contains a whopping 19 amino acids and seven of the ones our body can’t self-produce. So if you’re looking to fuel your body, strengthen and provide it with all the amino-goodness it needs in one hit, reach for a glass of aloe vera juice.

Happy digestion:

Having a happy gut is essential to make sure that our bodies are able to properly digest and absorb all the essential vitamins and minerals we take in from food. Apart from aloe vera’s detoxing powers, it also has the ability to reduce the amount of unfriendly bacteria and yeast found in the stomach that can upset our digestion systems. For suffers of heartburn or IBS, aloe vera could be a good natural solution to your digestion problems.

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