With their huge number of juicy, shiny red flesh-covered seeds, eating a pomegranate is a rather different experience than eating, say, an apple.

For a start, the fruit is truly at its most beautiful when you cut into it, and its seeds are revealed - these are far more of a pleasure to look at than an apple pip!

And rather than biting into the pomegranate as a whole and avoiding the seeds as you would with an apple, you simply munch the seeds, which can be eaten one after another as a fun snack or added to salads, to name just two options.

Pomegranate juice is also a tasty treat that you'll find in many supermarkets these days.

But there's another use for these seeds, which even those who have enjoyed pomegranate fruit for some time might not yet be aware of.

When the seeds are cold pressed, they produce an oil - pomegranate seed oil - a natural beauty product.

This oil can be used as an anti-aging product when applied to the skin and people could find that it's a great skin oil for them. It's home to a high level of antioxidants and is considered to boast a whole range of potential benefits where skin is concerned.

So next time you are chewing on a pomegranate seed, remember that the tasty treat is also what goes into making an exciting natural oil!

Pomegranate seed oil could be a great option if you are that little bit older and are looking for something that could help mature skin, for example.

A pleasantly yellow colour, it won't look out of place among your other beauty products, and can be fun and enjoyable to use.

Those searching for the perfect skin oil for them may also want to look into the potential benefits of the likes of rosehip oil and flax seed oil, to name just two exciting natural beauty products.