The argan nut comes from the argan tree and grows only in the South Western part of Morocco. From these nuts, a very nutritious oil is extracted which is renowned for its anti-ageing properties. This antioxidant rich oil has become very popular for its use in cosmetics and also for its nutritional properties.

Argan oil as a cosmetic is a very potent anti-ageing, nourishing, and hydrating natural care product. The oil is rich in vitamin A and has a very high content of vitamin E, which is an extremely potent antioxidant; it stimulates the synthesis of good prostaglandins and inhibits the effects of ageing.

Rich in essential fatty acids, it invigorates the skin by balancing and stimulating the natural physiologic process of the dermis cells. The essential oil is also rich with vitamin A and E, allowing for deep moisturisation and nourishment, making it perfect for ageing skins.

Argan oil skin benefits:

•Reduces wrinkles and softens the skin

•It is rich in proteins shown to tighten the skin and protect skin’s elasticity

•Promotes the speedy regeneration of the skin by restarting vital functions of cells to prevent early ageing due to external aggressions (sun, bad weather, pollution, stress, tobacco, etc.)

•It is known to help reduce scarring, and help prevent stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight fluctuations

•Possesses a sebum regulating action for oily skin

•Significantly hydrates the skin by restoring its natural barrier and neutralizing free radical

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Importance of the argan tree

For centuries, Berber women of this Morocco have produced the oil which was used for their consumption and traditional Moroccan medicine. The Berber women have also used it for their skin and hair for hundreds of years.

The argan tree is a protected species, and under the protection of UNESCO, Cooperatives that have been formed to save and protect it. The cooperative regroups women from the area work together to produce the oil - to preserve the argan forest by finding a sustainable economic use for its products and improve the social and economic status of rural women.

It is from these cooperatives that we source argan oil from to ensure this valued tree is protected and sustained.