Often seen at dinner parties, asparagus is perhaps one of the vegetables that people associate with bringing out when they want something special to eat.

But as well as tasting unlike any other veg out there, and featuring in a whole range of exciting recipes, these spears have healthy living benefits.

We're now in a new month, the wonderful spring month of May, when we'll all be hoping that fantastic sunny days are on the way when we can jog outside, take walks in the country and generally take part in our healthy living hobbies in the fantastic fresh air.

At this time of year, asparagus is in season so it's a great moment to either try it for the first time or re-discover this fantastic vegetable.

When cooking with this tasty item, you'll want to get rid of the bottom-most part of the spears.

Hold a spear towards the bottom part (the part which doesn't have the beautiful, almost flower-like tip) with both hands. If you gently bend it, it will break, leaving you with the top part that you can cook with, and a bottom part that you can discard.

Now wash your asparagus. A simple job, this should take little more than a rinse in water.

A great way to cook these versatile spears is to steam them. This should only take a matter of minutes, making asparagus a brilliant lunch option, even when you're really busy.

Asparagus is full of goodness, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Iron. Within you will also find potassium and fibre. Vitamin A, for example, has an important role to play when it comes to your vision and helps with immunity.

Try asparagus as a luxurious addition to a salad, or simply on top of a slice of wholemeal bread for a quick lunch.

People often eat it with eggs and you may want to do the same, after all eggs are protein-rich and will provide you with Vitamin B2 and Vitamin D, as well.