At what age were you when you felt your fittest? Perhaps you feel that, through healthy living, you might still have that age to look forward to. Or maybe it seems to be a long time ago these days!

The British Heart Foundation recently asked people about when their optimum age was when it came to being physically fit and found that 26 came out as the age that most popular choice. 

Some 39 per cent of people felt that eating healthily was what made them feel at their peak, physically. Meanwhile, 29 per cent cited gym attendance as the reason for this.

Brits were also questioned about cycling and walking, and on average said they covered 16 miles each week doing these things.

For ten per cent of the sample, real exercise wasn't something they had seen for more than a decade, according to their answers.

People put the blame for falling levels of fitness on things like working for longer in their offices – with 41 per cent citing this reason.

According to Nancy Prior, head of events at BHF: “We are leading increasingly busy lives and it can be difficult at times to prioritise physical activity with family and work commitments getting in the way."

She added that more than one in three British people had said they rate good health as being the top attribute to have.

She said that people should find the time to do physical activity regularly, as this would help to maintain the health of their heart.

Recently, Spire Bristol Hospital research discovered that, on average British people feel completely healthy and fit for only 61 days in a year.

And on average it was discovered that people were feeling 'run down' for two or more days each week.

In a finding that feels appropriate, given many people's feelings about the day, Monday was discovered to be the worst of the weekdays when it came to not feeling great.

"It’s surprising to see just how little of the year people consider themselves fully fit," commented Rob Anderson of Spire Bristol Hospital.

"If someone is plagued by a repeated problem they should talk to a healthcare professional to identify if it might be a symptom of something more serious."

You can register for BHF's London to Brighton bike ride soon, when registration opens Match 2nd.